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"Butterflies in Me" and Supplemental Materials - a bookwrap/info wrap


Learn more about "Butterflies in Me" by Denisha Seals as well as the supplemental materials: "Learning to Love Your Butterfly" and "Tools for Children to Embrace Their Mental Health".

Learn more about the anthology here:

"Learning to Love Your Butterfly" is a youth workbook full of engaging, attention-grabbing activities to help children realize just how special and strong they truly are! 

Learn more about the workbook here:

"Tools for Children to Embrace Their Mental Health" is a must-have companion to "Learning to Love Your Butterfly" that includes all the instructions, lists of materials, worksheets and discussion questions needed to successfully connect with and guide children through their workbooks.


Butterflies in Me

An Anthology Bringing Awareness to Mental Health

Authored by Denisha Seals

Illustrated by Gabhor Utomo

 Powerful, inspiring stories of perseverance and hope for children who feel alienated, out of place or overwhelmed.

Each of the four stories in this collection centers around an emotionally vulnerable child.


* Reading Ages:  5-8 years

* Grade Level:  1-3

* Paperback:  51 pages

* Publisher:  Boys Town Press, Unabridged edition

* Pub. Date:  January 25, 2022

* Language:  English

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 

My Name is Javier Sanchez.

I'll tell you a secret:

I'm tired of my mom and me getting beaten up by my stepdad.

We have nowhere to go, and my stepdad moved us away from all of my mom's friends.

My Name is Kenya Olew.

I get scared thinking about the dragons making fun of me because all they can see are my scars.

But they don't know I have other scars on the inside - ones you can't see.

My Name is Abbas Kidjo.

When the other kids start to read, I think about being back in Africa playing games with my friends.

Then I hear the teacher call my name, "Abbas, it's your turn to read."

But I do not know what I am supposed to read.

My Name is Lulu Whitebear.

It was a warm Sunday when Mom told me my grandmother had gone to the peaceful place, but to remember that grandmother loved me.

I cried all day. I did not feel strong. I missed my best friend.

The Book

This is a very important book that offers hope and healing for kids suffering from mental health problems. It's about kids who are "special, strong and did nothing wrong."   It calls attention to the stress and oftentimes overwhelming emotions that many kids are facing in their daily lives causing them to feel helpless and trapped.  They are unable to escape to a happier and safer place to grow up in.  

Four children are highlighted who are immersed in situations that are beyond their control to remedy... domestic violence, ADHD, depression and a sense of hopelessness.  The stories are told in simple, understandable language enriched by realistic colourful illustrations.  This book inspires kids to confide in a trusted adult who will be able to provide support and give help to them.   The adult can assure them that it is NOT their fault and that help is available. 

"Butterflies in Me: An Anthology Bringing Awareness to Mental Health" is a wonderful resource for guidance counselors, psychologists, and  teachers. It would be a wonderful addition in a classroom and a school library.  The book provides hope to those suffering and lets kids know they are not alone. I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

DENISHA SEALS is an artist, filmmaker and author who uses the power of her pen to lift the voices of the marginalized and victimized. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trauma, she advocates for more awareness and understanding of the emotional toll abuse victims experience, particularly children of color. Her uplifting stories inspire readers to be strong, fearless and full of hope. Follow her at

About the Illustrator

Gabhor Utomo was born in Indonesia and moved to California in 1997 to pursue becoming an artist. Since receiving his degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2003, Utomo has worked as a freelance illustrator for a number of children’s books. Utomo’s work has won numerous awards and recognitions from local and national art organizations. His clients include Harley Davidson, Harper Collins, McGraw Hill Education, Abdo Publishing Company, and many more. Utomo lives with his wife and twin daughters in Portland, Oregon.

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