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" My cat brother, Sterling" - a bookwrap




My cat brother, Sterling


by Mayra Hernandez

Illustrated by Kate Teves 


A cat that barks, fetches the newspaper, and goes potty on trees, because he thinks he’s a dog…?!



* Age:  3-8

* Grade Level:  PS-3

* Length/Paperback:  39 pages

* Publisher:  Sterling.RKP

* Pub. Date:  May 16, 2022

* ISBN-13:  9798986290508

* Language:  English 



"Every page was simply breathtaking! The more I read about Rocky and Sterling, the more addicted I got to the duo. There wasn't a single thing to dislike. I recommend My cat brother, Sterling by Mayra Hernandez to kids fascinated by pets, particularly dogs and cats. 4 out of 4 stars."

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 





The Book

Sterling, an adorable little cat, firmly believes he is a doggie just like his idol...Rocky!  He wants to be Rocky's clone and follows him everywhere mimicking everything he does.  

Sterling makes a barking noise when he sees the mail lady, goes potty outside refusing to use his inside litter box, is bored with the cat tower offered to him, and loves to curl up and snuggle with his hero Rocky as he drifts away, just to name a few.  The other cats in his home love doing cat things but not Sterling. 

By the time Sterling turns four he and Rocky are inseparable.  Rocky doesn't tell his buddy that he really is a cat because he is so happy to have a dog brother in a house full of cat sisters.  Feeling guilty about the omission he decides he owes it to Sterling to teach him his true identity.  Will this be the end of the loving bond that the two have woven together? 

This fun, humorous, heartwarming book is based on the author's real-life pets.  The illustrations are amazing.  They are full of expression and action.  They visually enrich the storyline.  It is certainly a book for pet lovers and highlights to children that even though we are different we can still accept and love one another.  I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Children’s book author Mayra Hernandez has always found joy in reading, enjoying the feeling of escape a great book gives her. She saw this same joy in children as a former teacher’s assistant when her students would read books in the classroom. Mayra wanted to be a part of that and penned a wonderfully silly picture book about her pets’ shenanigans, My Cat Brother, Sterling.

When Mayra shared stories of her crazy pets at work, a co-worker suggested she write them all down. Her pets–and her colleague–inspired her to begin her writing journey. Mayra thinks a great book is one that is relatable to readers and that has experiences in the story that they can connect with. She hopes her young readers enjoy her story but also that they come away understanding that it’s okay to feel conflicted about things in our lives.

Mayra has always had a love for animals, growing up with cats, dogs, birds, a mouse, and even had a rescued squirrel at one point. Her dream is to open up a sanctuary for pets who do not have homes and give them a chance at a happy, healthy, and loving life.

Mayra loves watching true crime shows, and having family game nights. Mayra and her husband, Angel, live in Riverview, Florida, with their dog, Rocky, and three cats, Katie, Pumpkin, and Sterling, of course.

About the Illustrator

Kate Teves

Writer and illustrator in South Florida. See my latest work at my website:

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