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Boris the Boastful Frog - a bookwrap



Boris the Boastful Frog

by Karen Hodgson 

illustrated by Steve Cox


*  Reading Age:  3-6 years

* Grade Level:  PS-1

* Length:  32 pages

* Publisher:  Rosen Publishing. Windmill Books

* Pub. Date:  Aug. 1, 2022

* ISBN:  9781508199151

* Language: English


"This is not only a humorous story young readers will find amusing--there's a solid message here too that you'll want to discuss with your child." --Bookloons.com, 2/6/2016

Unwrapping Some Illustrations 


The Book

Boris, a frog, lives in a pond at the bottom of a muddy field.  He is mighty fine... big, strong, good looking and very, very full of pride.  He loves to boast about himself constantly.  He excels at putting others to shame and makes them feel small and defeated.  He can smile wider, croak louder, jump higher, swim faster,  ( just to name a few ), than anyone else in the pond.  

Soon the other frogs stop being friendly and vain Boris finds himself all alone sitting on his lily pad admiring his own reflection. 

One day things change for him when a stranger calls at the pond.  Boris discovers that this visitor can do something that he cannot.  In his attempt to prove he is "King-of-the-Pond," and nothing is beyond his ability, Boris discovers a very valuable lesson.  

Boris learns that boasting and vanity are never a good thing and it is a lesson he learns the hard way.  One that will blow his mind! ( literally )

The illustrations are truly amazing.  I love them.  They are colourful, expressive, and marry the text perfectly.  This would be a great read aloud with discussion at the end for sensitive kids that may defuse any emotions or fears arising from the surprise ending.  

"Boris the Boastful Frog" is a winner and I highly recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS! 


Meet the Author

Karen Hodgson is the author of numerous picture book, including The Robot Who Couldn't Cry, The Teeny Weeny Walking Stick, and Hugh's Blue Day. 

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