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APRIL 14, 2023

Album Details 


* The Adventures of Little Stubby
* Label:  PlayMove&Sing Inc. 
* Release Date:  April 14, 2023
* Ages:  2-5, and family listening for all ages
* Run Time:  41 minutes
* Available at major online outlets, including Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, and more 


Stubby Moves to His New Home 

Stubby Hides from the Doctor
Stubby Searches for Willow
Stubby Learns to Swim
Stubby Hears a Sound
Stubby Has an Important Job

Stories written by Sukey Molloy with Larry Alexander
Narration by Sukey Molloy
Music composed by Sukey Molloy
Music arranged by Sukey Molloy and Larry Alexander
Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Larry Alexander at Studio “L,” Valley Cottage, NY

“Sukey is undeniably today's Mister Rogers.”
Celebrity Parents Magazine

“Molloy has a strong, gentle, kindly voice, which she combines light instrumentation to a wonderfully soothing effect.”
– Parents' Choice Awards

More About the Album

With a stellar array of awards proudly in hand, beloved children’s author, storyteller, educator, and musician Sukey Molloy is thrilled to announce the April 14 release of her first storytelling album, The Adventures of Little Stubby.

The Adventures of Little Stubby features six stories about a sweet, young miniature donkey who most definitely has a mind of his own. Written by Sukey Molloy with Larry Alexander and narrated by Sukey Molloy, the stories are set to specially composed music by Sukey, with sound effects from the natural world.

The Adventures of Little Stubby invites children to join Stubby as he meets the challenges of moving to a new home, hiding from the doctor, searching for his friend Willow, learning how to swim, hearing an unusual sound, and going on an important errand. During these adventures, Stubby learns that he can stop and count slowly to three if he is afraid, lonely, or overwhelmed. This practice forms the centerpiece of each story, as Stubby takes a moment to reconnect with himself, relax, and reset his emotions.

Joining Sukey as producer of The Adventures of Little Stubby is Grammy-winner Larry Alexander (Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, and more), who has served in this capacity for all Sukey’s albums. Sukey notes, “I included original stories on two of my previous recordings, but I couldn’t have met the challenges of producing an all-storytelling album by myself. The Adventures of Little Stubby would never have been possible without Larry’s painstaking editorial comments, creative ideas, and fearless insistence on making each story better and better.”

Praised for music and stories that bring a sense of reassurance, trust, fun, and wonder, Sukey Molloy reached into her own childhood memories to discover a wealth of material on which to base The Adventures of Little Stubby. Sukey herself ran and hid when the doctor came to her house to give her a shot, and she did the same on the day her family moved to a new home. She had a scary episode learning to swim at Jones Beach, where she was pulled under a wave and an older friend came to her rescue. Sukey has also had the great fortune of being asked to help with an important project and afterward feeling real pride. These vignettes from her past helped Sukey reflect on how momentous it is for young children to encounter such tender feelings and how important it is for them to sense that someone is always right beside them.

In Her Own Words

“I have learned a great deal from Stubby and from the hundreds of donkeys I have met and spent time with at donkey rescue farms around the country,” says Sukey Molloy. “These creatures, who are very humbling, inspired me to create Stubby’s character. Because of their innocence, animals can represent a very real relationship with the kinds of feelings many children may struggle to understand. I hope The Adventures of Little Stubby helps children find a gentle way of navigating through their own intense emotions.”

About Sukey Molloy

Sukey Molloy_photo credit Dyana Van Campen

Trained as a professional modern dancer in New York City, Sukey Molloy performed and toured as a member of the Solomon’s Company Dance and went on to study developmental movement and Kidnastics with former Olympian, Garland O’Quinn, Ph.D., and infant development with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Her work in “movement skill development through guided play” led Sukey to design and teach music and movement programs for nursery schools, after-school programs, and elementary schools, and, in 2005, to launch her own Nyack, NY-based PlayMove&Sing programs of classes and teacher training workshops: “Circle Time Play! with Sukey Molloy,” “Story Time! with Sukey Molloy,” and “Craft Time! with Sukey Molloy.” By 2006, Sukey had formed her own Circle Song Band (later known as Sukey Molloy & Friends), with which she performed the “Sukey Molloy (Circle Song) Show,” charming young audiences with programs filled with musical storytelling, stuffed felt characters, and fun, interactive songs.


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