Tuesday, January 22, 2019

"Small Voice Says" - a book wrap

Your conscience is that small little voice that talks to the inward you.  The dictionary defines it as an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behaviour. It's your "moral compass".  That is what today's book is all about.  Enjoy! 


 " Small Voice Says"
 by Mike Morrison, Ph.D. and Mackenzie Morrison

* Ages: 4-8
* Grade Levels: PS-3
* Hardcover: 34 pages
* Publisher: Gus and Jack Press
* Pub. Date: January 22, 2019
* Language: English

Illustrations for you to take a peek at

Unwrapping the book

This book's mission is intended for little ones as they enter into pre-school and kindergarten years but is suitable right up to grade 3 and beyond.  These developmental years are when children begin to build their inner small voice which helps them distinguish right from wrong and how they impact others.  According to the authors it is one of the most important skills that a parent can teach their child. 

It teaches children about the inward discussion that is going on in side of their heads and hearts regarding their emotions, sharing, being honest to others and themselves, starting and cultivating friendships, the handling of anxiety and the ability to step out of their comfort zone,  just to name a few.  Their conscience is a wonderful moral compass that is located deep inside of them and they can learn how to listen to it and respond to its direction. Children  discover that it will direct their path and point them to their truth. 

The illustrations are vibrant, crisp and enrich the text a great deal.  The book is a beautiful catalyst for families to start a discussion about conscience and the back and forth internal battle that goes on as one searches for the proper decision to make.  Carving out reflective times to mull over how choices are selected is very important through every stage of life.  Both children and adults will benefit from reading and discussing why their small voice is such an important part of being a human being and why it is an extraordinary gift to possess.  I  highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the authors

Mike is the founder of the University of Toyota – a corporate university he launched in 1998 and led for a decade of differentiating performance. Mike currently leads a management consulting practice focused on leadership and organizational development.
His work has helped organizations grow by developing the necessary leadership & culture capabilities. These insights have been documented in three books (Leading Through Meaning, The Other Side of the Card, and This Is Not Working).
Mike has designed, developed, and managed dozens of cutting-edge business growth & development programs. In support of these efforts, he has developed over 100 frameworks that have proven to accelerate the capability- building process. Examples include his Learn-Plan-Do development cycle (a game-changing enhancement to traditional learning routines) and his Purpose-Process- People culture capability framework (that has been transformational for leaders and their organizations).
His organizational development efforts span strategy formation, brand building, continuous improvement, culture transformation, and wellness initiatives. Clients include Harley-Davidson, Nike, Systech, Johnson & Johnson, Avery-Dennison, Gallup and UCLA Medical Center.
Mike’s education has taken him from the liberal arts foundations of Gonzaga University – to a University of Southern California MBA – to a doctoral degree at Claremont Graduate University’s Peter F. Drucker School.

Mackenzie is a writer and artist working in the music industry in Los Angeles, CA.

About the illustrator

Nina Is a Swiss artist living in Brooklyn, New York. She likes swing dancing, Tostitos, and pro-wrestling. She doesn’t have a favorite color, except maybe a soft yellow. You can find more of her work at www.nina-summer.com 

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