Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Our Mission

We at Baby Bookworms desire to teach parents/caregivers/teachers how to make successful, lifelong readers. We teach seminars to parents so they can be encouraged and gain confidence knowing that they are their child's primary influence when it comes to reading. We teach them fun, interactive ways to learn words, read sentences and celebrate that first book. Our fundamental cry is read, read, read aloud to your bunny. If nothing else is taken away from our classes it is reading aloud to child is the best thing that you can do. We discuss how to pick age-appropriate books, how to read with expression and passion and mostly how to relax and enjoy this very special time together. Our tag-line for our shop is ,"Homegrown reading is love." Our shop is located in a beautiful heritage house and our little store is in the front parlor of the house. In the back is a quaint little tea room and the children come into our shop with tantalizing smells of gingerbread, scones, and a variety of pies that are freshly baking in the oven. We cuddle in huge chairs, have storytime stops on quilts and when we have special reading events everyone is asked to b.y.o.b. (bring your own blankie). Books hug your soul and create lasting memories for both the child and the reader. Everyone should have the opportunity to be read to and showered with love as the words pour forth.

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Storywraps said...

Sounds like a great mission. I am in the area and I'll be sure to drop by with my little boy...keep up the good work!!