Friday, September 26, 2008

Library liason

Yesterday afternoon Jane and I presented to many excited local librarians in the Mississauga Library system. It is sooooo much fun to read books together and share our passion for getting the word literally out and into the public domain. Families are so important and we need to be inclusive with all members, mom, dad, grandparents and caregivers. We read, sang, even played silly little games that united our hearts even more. The library does such an excellent job and if you haven't been there lately you are in for a treat. Their programmes are wonderful and their books are loaned out for FREE! Take your child, get them their very own card, and start dragging piles of books home to read. You teach responsibility as you take very good care of those borrowed books, find a safe place to keep them at home and then bring them back on time. We need to support our local libraries and get to know our librarians and be an encouragement to them.

When I first took my little boy to the library for a visit he stared all around with wonder in his eyes and gasped....Books must be really important....they have their own house. He got it...books are important and all a little one needs is an adult to lead them into this fantastic world of words. Be that adult for your child today. Make reading a priority in your home.

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