Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Short and sweet

Buy a book. Wrap it up. Give it away. What a mandate. If everyone did that in the next few days could you imagine the books that would be flying around and into kids hands? When kids are given a book as a present it says that books are special and worthy of the highest calling. The best, best, best thing of all is when an adult gives a book to a child and then that day...either at the time of presention, or that night as a cuddly bedtime story, stops their busy day and reads that book outloud to that child. Commitment = love. After reading it , place it lovingly beside the child's bed, turn off the light and tip-toe out of the room, leaving that special gift of quality time well spent and loads of love, twinkling in the moonlight.

Good night, sleep tight....you are loved little one! A book read from the heart is always a winner.

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