Monday, January 12, 2009 it's cold outside!

Minus degrees outside, warm fire inside, snowmen and snowforts outside, hot chocolate and piles of good books inside....which one would you choose to participate in? For me, that is a no brainer. I love to be cozy and warm, snuggling under a soft blankie and reading a good book. There are so many books to choose from and because I love many different genres I am passionate about passing that trend on to others. Always try to read a variety of stories to your child. Choose both fiction and non-fiction to introduce to them. In your non-fiction pile you can include, a picture dictionary, an atlas, a calendar, and a myriad of science and even math (counting and patterning) books for them to enjoy. Kids love to learn and absorb knowledge. They love books of lists and facts....yes, that is a fact. Stretch your little ones this season with non-fiction picks. Who knows when they are busy enjoying these books you too may learn something new along the way too. Check some out today and curl up and read!!

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