Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy February.....

Remember those old commercials when every February Eaton's would unlock the sun? Well it actually has been sunny the last few days and unfortunately Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow giving us at least six more weeks of winter. I don't know about you but I need some more symbolism to get me through the next little while as I am not a big fan of cold, blustery, old Mr. Winter. I am grateful for Family Day In Canada and look forward to a cheerful break in this season where we can prepare something fun to do with family and friends. I think I will plan a little trip to the bookstore with my son and let him purchase a few books so he can add to his collection that is piling up beside his bed. Sometimes he gets up quite tired and I realize he has been up a little later than usual reading his books. The last one I got him, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid , the last straw," lasted exactly two days. I think a little midnight reading under the covers was experienced as I tripped over his flashlight in the morning when trying to wake him up for school. Oh well, like mother, like son....I totally get it. When you get a book that you are enjoying it is hard to put it down and just one more page seems very delicious. It is important that you child pick books that he/she likes and also that you stick in some of the books that you like. Classics are always in fashion and need to be included in your child's repetoire. The school system seems to have limited reading time in-class and limited books to offer to our kids so we must take this task on to introduce good books to our kids to further their reading experiences. If this poses a problem to you take your child to your local library and ask the friendly librarian what they would suggest that your child read. They will be more than happy to give you age appropriate stories that will line up with your child's interests. Books can be purchased or borrowed.....do both! We need to put the value back into books....we need to hold them up as something precious and sacred and worthwhile....we need to teach and train our children that books are the best so that they in turn can pass that passion on to their kids! Celebrate books today!

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