Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Break ideas

If you are traveling to a distant location for March Break be sure that your kids have had access to stimulating books regarding their destination. You can find books to help kids discover maps, culture, food, etc. regarding their holiday. Be sure to let your child take along a fling camera so they can document their trip and later you can make a little scrapbook together. Your child can then write captions for the pictures and read those captions to relatives when they return. Always pack a few books for that wait in the airport/train station and a few new reads for your child to enjoy during the ride. If you include art galleries or visit tourist attractions there is usually something in print that can be purchased to bring back home for that special memory. Also children sometimes are asked to do projects in school regarding places that they have visited or would like to live. If they have books that were purchased on your trip they can complete a wonderful project using all the printed matter that you had collected. I usually make a little folder on return including plane ticket, maps, sometimes napkins from restaurants, postcards, anything that is free. that I recommend that my child use these treasures for his/her documentary explaining the trip to others. Sometimes as a teacher I would get my children in my classroom , who were lucky enough to be able to travel , not to complete homework that they would surely miss, but to bring their collection of memories back to school after break and share their trip with the rest of the class. When a lot of students travel to different destinations in the world you can have quite a geography class with kids sharing their experiences. If you are going to visit other children over the break a perfect hostess gift would be to take along a few books for their collection. Think books this Spring Break....make this time a rich, reading event with your child.

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