Saturday, April 4, 2009

April is poetry month

Grab a rhyme and sing it in time with your kids....all month long! Poetry and poems really develop your child's brain matter improving their memory and oiling the fluidity of their language experiences. The bookstores are full of vibrant, energetic poetry books and the internet is bursting with fabulous websites to inspire, encourage, and energize your love of words. Some great poets to check out are: Kenn Nesbitt, David Booth, Dennis Lee, Jack Prelutsky, Tom and Tess Hannah and Sheree Fitch.

With the warmer weather kids will soon be out in parks and involved in skipping and hopscotch games. Make sure they have rhymes, songs and ditties to sing and shout in their interactive sports. If you stop for a moment I am sure that you can recall many of the nursery rhymes and little poems that you learned as a child. Pass that experience on to your children. Not only is it a wonderful expansion for the brain but those little memory snippits of fun can be recalled to pass the time on a long car ride to grandmas or as a show and tell performance at a family get together.

Have fun with your language, have it slip off your tongue and swirl around in the air....giggle, laugh, play with the wonderful words that encompass our world. Word dancing with a beat is the best!

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