Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reading roundup

What are you reading today? Did you pick up a magazine? a newspaper? the Bible? a flyer from your mailbox? We all just read naturally. What would it be like if all those squiggles on that paper made no sense at all? Can you imagine not being able to find the ladies room? read a map to get you to your destination? order food from a menu? There are many, many out there that are unable to do just that. We are so blessed to be able to read and we must have compassion on those who cannot. We need to find time, money, input into making reading a right of every human alive. We are the only mammals that have that read and process the written word. There is hard work ahead of us....there is a war going on to strip people (especially girls in other countires) of their right to go to school and to read and write. Let's all ban together and make sure that never happens. It takes all of us - whether we give of money, time, resources, prayer to overcome this evil that is present in our world. Reading is vital to the world progression. We all must do our part and make a difference in the life of someone who cannot interpret the written word.

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