Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Title : The Happiness Tree
Author: Andrea Gosline
Illustrator: Lisa Burnett Bossi
Ages: 7-10

This book is a celebration of one of God’s most precious resources. The production team printed ‘The Happiness Tree’ on 50% post-consumer waste paper, which makes it feel almost like cloth, and it gives the illustrator’s jewel-tone paintings even more depth.
The gentle rhymes in this book express the virtues of trees : peace, generosity, love and happiness. In all, ten trees join together to make this one absolutely stunning book for the young and gifted child. In this story, each tree is unique. The blue spruce represents tolerance; the yellow poplar stands for love. There is a detailed index of the featured trees included at the end of the book.
Andrea Gosline and Lisa Bossi are co-creators of inspirational books, greeting cards, and guided journals. All of their work draws on the love of family and the wonder of nature. The choice to print on 50% post consumer waste paper can open up a discussion on saving trees and the importance of tree-planting. Trees play a critical role in replacing the oxygen that we need to breathe each day.

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