Thursday, May 26, 2011

"The Very Ugly Bug" review

Oh you will fall in love with this ugly little bug. Written and illustrated by Liz Pichon. She lives in Brighton, England with her husband and three kids. This book highlights self-acceptance and the important lesson that you should not covet or envy how others look. Ugly bug discovers she is unique, extremely lovable and extraordinary just as she is. Her adventures of changing and copying her friends lead her into grave danger. When she realizes her folly and reverts back to herself she becomes a super hero saving the day! Mr. Ugly Bug certainly likes what he sees and has googly eyes only for her. A delightful, inspiring story with a great lesson for your kids. You"ll come away being excited and very happy with the masterpiece of beauty that you were created to be. The illustrations, colours, and asides are priceless. Check out the "love bugs" at the end and know the ugly bugs are one big and exhilarated family. Ugly rules! Hurray for self! Read on.
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