Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday rant.....

Can you believe what is going on in London, England and around the other cities these days? Local shops are being looted, damaged and burned down to the ground. One reporter made a note that all the shops on this one street were destroyed except...guess what?... the book shop. There it stood, all alone in this long line of carnage, perfectly in tact and vibrant. These flash mobs are creating havoc and destroying everything in their pathway. This shows the modern worth of a book. The value of books in our youth culture's eyes these days is... zero ...of no worth whatsoever... not even worthy of looting. These kids have their minds focused on clothes, electronics and jewellery but are ignorant of the priceless worth of a good book. After all reading may cause these illiterates to become well educated, creative, positively productive and give back in a meaningful way to society rather than trying to destroy it. These youth diss intelligence and embrace anarchy. We are a screwed up bunch aren't we? They need to stop the violence and plunder and start reading.
I on the other hand am most thankful for the mercy given those precious books because under such an unruly bunch of hooligans they would have become more fuel for the fires they deliberately set. Who knows maybe "book angels" were watching over those stacks of books by night.
God bless those policemen and keep them safe. Give the government wisdom and opportunity to apprehend those criminals and carry out justice. I think those kids should be rounded up, put in jail or prison and their punishment? three books a day! Read on.
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