Friday, September 23, 2011

Some reading help for you....

Sometimes you just cannot be physically available to read with your little one. At times like this it is o.k. to cheat a little bit. I am going to give you some great websites for you to check out that you can share with your child. These websites all promote great reading books and good reading habits. Your child can chose a book or activity and then sit back and partner with your computer to educationally be there for them. Remember you are your child's best teacher, you give the consistency and "human" component of the value of reading to your child, it is your responsibility to nurture the love and skills of reading to your child too. Nothing ever, ever replaces the input of a loving, caring parent when it comes to reading with your child. These websites cannot become a foster mom or dad when you want to foster the values of reading great literature. Here they are:




4. rainbow

Enjoy your weekend, use these resources sparingly and remember to read on.
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