Friday, October 21, 2011

Follow-up to 'Froggie Boots Go With Everything"

I want to give you some tips on how to use a story book to help your child with his/her reading skills. I will use the book review I posted yesterday to help me out. This little book is a short, simple, fun book that kids everywhere can relate to. It has repetitive words on every page plus new vocabulary. Buy or cut some word cards from bristol board (8"x 3") and get a thick marker to write out the words. Use red or black preferably.Go through the book first writing the word Froggie, Boots, Everything on separate cards. Then cruise through the book and on a separate card record each of the new vocabulary words that are introduced on each page. Some of the words include: rain, shine, house, mine, moon, range, clean, paint etc. Even include, the end. Make sure your printing on the cards is large and legible. If a word begins with a capital letter make sure you put a capital letter on it. Enjoy the book together orally going over the words and discussing what each illustration represents. Be sure to include your own child's life experiences to optimize interest and spark conversation and imagination. When your reading time together is finished pull out the cards and go over them with your child. Another time read the book again, pull out the cards and have your child match a card with the word found in the book. You can then put the word or words in a notebook and for a quiet activity after your child identifies the word have him/her draw a picture of it. You can post the words on the fridge using fun, colourful magnets and play school by pointing to the words and having your child read them to you. ALWAYS REMEMBER....IF YOUR CHILD DOES NOT KNOW THE WORD JUST TELL HIM/HER WHAT IT IS!!!.Do not have her stand there and sound it out or make your child feel like a failure...just quickly tell what the word is and move on. Always focus on success...not mistakes. This is not like school, you being the teacher and giving a test. Always, always, always, did I say always make these word times fun and sprinkled with lots of praise and laughter. If your child is not in the mood, put cards away and do it another time. No pressure, no stress always works the best. I will give you some other games next week that you can play with words. It is a fulfilling, exciting and successful time when you can recognize and understand the meaning of words. Celebrate knowledge, talk, share, hug and laugh your way through millions of books. Bonding over a book will not only make beautiful memories but will become a legacy to pass on in your family to the next generation. Happy Friday. Read on.
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