Thursday, November 17, 2011

One of my favourite "classic" book reviews....

This story about a garden that transforms the lives of a group of children was serialized and then published as a whole in 1911. Orphaned Mary Lennox, sickly child, is sent to live in England following her upbringing in India. At the house of her guardian Uncle, Mary discovers a neglected walled garden that no one is allowed to enter. Mary resolves to restore the garden with the help of her new companion, Dickon. Mary's guardian's son, Colin, another sickly and spoiled child, is also in on the secret. As the garden blossoms once more the characters hope to physically and emotionally heal themselves. Burnett's most acclaimed book was only popular after her death. That is so sad because the book is excellent and she never lived to see it blossom into a classic. There are several movies out made around this book. as a follow-up.
Read on and do make this book a priority. It is quality must reading for your child.
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