Monday, January 9, 2012

Great book for you to check out

The MeerKat Wars by H.S. Toshack:

Sheena is a domestic cat belonging to the Allen family. She is off again on another exciting adventure. This time she uses her wisdom and leadership skills to prevent an all out war between two opposing tribes of meerkats. Her curiosity, bravery and wit enables her to plunge deep into burrows, cross the dreaded gorge and try to prove that both tribes live under one common sun.
Can a “mere” house cat lead these communities into harmonious living? After a lot of hard work Sheena gains their respect which causes her to open up their minds to new possibilities and finally see if they agree and work together they will have a happier future for their tribe members.
The book exposes the reader to a variety of exotic creatures giving you a glimpse into their habitats and characteristics, highly recommended.
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