Tuesday, March 6, 2012

capitalize on your child's passions

To get your child more into reading use what interests them and plunge in. There are picture books available on every topic so finding resources will not be a hindrance. When taking your child to the library let him/her choose the books that he likes. Sneak in a few that you want to share by putting them in your check out pile. Reading is a very personal thing. Great scholars and teachers in the academic world have been caught reading romance novels or the latest thriller trilogy when flying on a plane to another speaking engagement. Reading is reading....words, paragraphs, characters, plot lines....all evoking new vocabulary building and engaging the reader. Kids will gravitate to books containing characters that they have seen on t.v. Or at the movies...let them indulge if that is what they choose. Balance those choices with good solid readings picked by you to share when the time is appropriate. Think of your own reading journey and how it would have affected your reading map if you were forced to read only what others chose for you. Don't worry or fret, it is so important to instill the love of reading in a child as well as the skill of reading. Our goal is to make happy, lifelong readers that are eager to pass the reading torch onto the next generation. Read on with passion!
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