Friday, March 2, 2012

Let's eat!

Here is a great word activity to play on a snow day, a rainy day or a designated family night. Obtain some 6"x 3" blank cards, a marker, some items from your kitchen and let's get going. On the blank cards print neatly (one word per card) the words: knife, fork, spoon, plate, cup, glass, bowl, napkin etc. Gather these concrete items and have them on hand to play. 1. Hold up a card and have child identify the word (if they cannot figure it out or read it - give them the word), have child pick up the item and match word to item. 2. Put the word cards scattered around on your table or floor and have child go around and place correct word on item. 3. You hold the items at one end of the room, your child holds the words at the other, child read words and runs to you to put word with item. 4. put words on fridge and have them read words minus the items 5. when it is your turn to have a go, make some purposeful mistakes, get it wrong, mess up and have your child correct this with giggles and smiles - kids love to make things right especially if it is correcting an adult. This should be fun and exciting. Your child will learn to categorize, read, identify and have fun using this word game. Read on with your "Dinner is Served" game. Have a great weekend everyone!
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