Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun Friday, include a book

Running around this weekend to special events with the kids?  Taking off to the cottage or on a day trip to the zoo?  grandma's? your backyard?  Be sure to have plenty of books on hand to share with your kids.  Add some books to the car/van, a backpack, a picnic basket, wrapped in a towel for the beach or swimming pool.  Make books look like a natural accessory when you are out and about.  Sometimes there are waiting times at the dentist/doctor's office, at a restaurant while waiting for your meal to be served, or just lazing on a hammock.  Books can be the perfect "time-killer" and perfect friend if your child needs one.  Promote books.  Promote reading.  Promote success by modelling great reading opportunities.  Get out and read this weekend. Have a great one and read on.
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