Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Outdoor book party....you are invited

   How fun and simple to host an outdoor/backyard book party.  Here is how to do it.

1.  Invite your child's friends for the morning or afternoon to come on over, hang out and read.  Sound boring?  Not so.  Here's how to ignite the love of reading right in your own backyard.

2.  Set up a little book nook for your child.  It can even be as simple as putting a blanket over a table in the shade to grab their attention.  Be sure to put a blanket inside and perhaps some old cushions for comfort sake.

  3.  Select age appropriate, fun books for the kids to dive into when they come over.

 Scatter them through out your nook or be organized and put them in baskets or small boxes.  Your choice.  

4.  Let the kids have a reading time of perhaps 30 minutes together.  They will be excited and can either read solo or do a group-sharing book.

5.  After they read  the books have them tidy up and perhaps you can pick one of the favourite books and read it aloud to them.  Tell them if they are quiet and plugged into the story there will be a surprise for them at the end of book.  Shhhhhhh!

6.  When your book is all done bring out a picnic basket full of yummy treats to share together.

 7.  Invite the kids to sit outside on a special picnic blanket to enjoy the munchies that you have prepared for them.  This can be as simple as a slice of watermelon or some freezies.  You can be more creative with the food but you don't have to as it is the idea that counts.  :)

8  Remember to make this fun, interactive and exciting.  The message should be really, really clear.....

Have a beautiful day today and read on!
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