Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beautiful days call for beautiful things

That it is.  The weather is gorgeous and it is calling us to get out there and enjoy it.  If you look at your calendar  you will find that summer is nearly over and autumn will soon be upon us.  Take your kids out and explore the great outdoors today.  Pack a picnic lunch,  throw in a few good books,  a beach/soccer/frisbee/ softball and take a hike (literally).

Laugh and talk and be silly.  Take your camera and document your adventure.  When you come home and post your pictures re-cap your day in words either written or orally. Have a craft time when you can make frames together to stick some of those pictures into.  Have your kids show others their journal or scrapbook of the day.  There are so many possibilities for language in a day to enhance your child's vocabulary and reading skills.


Include some reading every day with your child.  The above quote says it all.  Read at breakfast, bedtime.....anytime is perfect...just do it....it is critical to your child's reading success.

Take the outdoor challenge today.  Go with your kids if you are able and enjoy each other's company.  Having an adult with a child is like being their "tutor" accessory.  This is good.

This is not good....

Life is calling.  Words are out there.....go find them and bring them home!  Blessings and read on!

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