Thursday, December 13, 2012

A build-it book that is a perfect Christmas gift

   Kids and adults alike love robots.  They are cute, they are awesome and let kids dream of the future when our world will be full of them!  There is a new book out entitled, " My Little Blue Robot" by Stephen T. Johnson.

   This book has 13 body parts and 20 moving shapes.  It will ensure that your budding engineer (whether boy or girl) will be kept busy during this hectic season.

  The built-it-yourself rolling robot is made out of thick cardboard and assembles easily with slots, tabs and a little bit of help from a kid-friendly screw driver and key.  There are simple instructions that are written right into the story.  It has no glue or mess, and it's a great hands-on book for kids ages four to eight.  Check it out and consider it for under the tree giving or as a stocking stuffer.

Offering you a cup of robots and cup of good cheer this holiday season!   Blessings and read on!
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