Monday, January 28, 2013

Book review - Chu's Day

What a great little book I have for you today.  Chu is a small panda with a very big sneeze.  When Chu sneezes...bad things happen!

After visiting a cuddly panda cub in China,  Gaiman penned this adorable short book.   God bless Chu and Adam Rex the incredible illustrator who made this book come alive.  The illustrations are richly painted with witty hard-to-find details that your kids will adore.

Chu's mother takes him to the library, where it is awful dusty.  His father takes him to lunch at a diner where there is pepper in the air.  Will Chu sneeze today?  What will happen if he does?

This book is a side splitter that will blow you away.  Grab the tissues as your little one does copy-cat sneezes with Chu.  This is the perfect book for a read-aloud and to share with others. Of course an added benefit is to teach the etiquette of a good sneeze.

                                     Book rating:   9  (almost perfection!)  highly recommended

Read on and read always......

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