Monday, April 8, 2013

A Dress for Me!-Book review

Author:  Sue Fliess
Illustrator:  Mike Laughead

Hippo and Mom are off on another shopping spree to find the perfect dress for Fall.  A growth spurt or a new season is the ideal reason to go buy something new to wear.  The girls team up and have some "girl bonding" time together as they search and hopefully bag that ideal dress.  Rather than being overwhelmed by the huge selections of styles, designs, sparkles or no sparkles, straps or strapless, this colour or that ... the possibilities presented to them seem endless.  Hippo, always looking on the bright side, even though she can't find much to please (or fit) her, has fun on her dress-shopping scavenger hunt.  She spins, twirls and dances her way through almost every page like a free-spirited fashionista on a New York runway.  Alas, the fashion frenzy leads to naught, and tired, weary Mom is done and wants to go home.  Never one to give up hope, Hippo spots one last specimen and ... well you read and find out what happens.  This fun excellent book is written in rhyme and has fabulous pictures that are whimsical, playful and rich.

Book Review Rating:  9  (Close to perfection)

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