Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This book is precious. Button Up

Poetry is the art of creating
imaginary gardens with real
         - Marianne Moore

Author:  Alice Schertle
Illustrator:  Petra Mathers

This is a darling of a book and your little ones will be thrilled that clothes can actually talk to them.  The collection of 15 poems will surely tickle their funny bones as you read aloud the story.  The varied  tones range from Mr. Cool "Bertie's Shoelaces," starring a super-hip ferret having a fashionable tufted purple Mohawk and completed with a pair of awesome shades.  ("We're hang loose laces and/ we don't do bows?" they cry).

"Wanda's Swimsuit" ("Ready, set, jump? / Scrunch up small -/ Look out down below- / CANNONBALL!"/

Your child will learn from "Violet's Hiking Hat " (I'm taking a hike with Violet/ Violet's showing me things." 'Hat, ' says Violet, 'there's a caboose./ These are butterfly wings'").

This song in the rain poem by galoshes is great. "The Song Harvey's Galoshes" ("When it's raining Harvey always puts us on, / puts us on, / we're together when the sunny weather's gone, / weather's gone").

Then there is beautiful, nostalgic "Hand-me-down Sweatshirt:"  "I started out Wendell's / was passed down to May, / she passed me to Karly, / I'm Andrew's today..." and ....

My all time favourite is one I wish I had known when I was a kindergarten teacher called, "Bill's Blue Jacket." "Arm in the left sleeve, /arm in the right. / Button up! Button up! /  TIGHT!" "Everybody clap your hands, /everybody shout, / Bill's got his jacket on, /  LET'S GO OUT!" This is a brilliant collection of energized poetry crying out to be shared. Giggles are free!

Book Review Rating:  8  (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!

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