Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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"Somewhere over the rainbow there is a mile high stack of books begging to be read." 

Title:  It's All About Dorothy
Author: Tony Rizzo
Illustrator: Warden Neil
Music: Jack Allan Allocco
Sung by:  Tamara Walker

Las Angeles - (March 26, 2013) sums the book up perfectly...An award winning Hollywood trio has teamed up to create "It's All About Dorothy", a colourfully illustrated book with a CD for children of all ages that retells the classic story of "The Wizard of Oz" in a 36-line song which is the opening number of a forthcoming Las Vegas and Broadway musical, "Ruby Slippers."
This is one of the most popular stories ever told and the highly acclaimed film "The Wizard of Oz" debuting in 1939 was based on the original novel written by L.Frank Baum in 1900.  It is a true children's classic.

The book, "It's All About Dorothy" is first class all the way.  The simple rhyming story, the illustrations  reminiscent of a by-gone era of classic Hollywood, and the amazing CD (the voice of Tamara Walker is suburb), all make for a wonderful reading experience.  To add extra charm, the words are  handwritten in a bold and beautiful calligraphy, making the book even more endearing to the reader.

  I remember as a little girl being given a book of paper cut-out dolls to play with that had the same style as the characters in this book.  Warden Neil has designed the characters to visually make the story come alive.  Your child will be delighted with this book and it will be one that you will be proud to add to your book collection or give as a special gift.

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Book Review Rating:   8  (Fantastic!)

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