Friday, August 23, 2013

No Bot-The Robot With No Bottom - book review

         Quote of the Day:   " A book that is shut is but a block." 
                                                            ~Thomas Fuller

What child does not like technology?  What child could not resist a robot running around their house and obeying their every command?   Boys especially will be drawn to this story and ask for it to be read over and over again.  Giggles will abound as you go on a "bum hunt" with Bernard to find his bottom.

Title:  No Bot - The Robot With No Bottom
Author and Illustrator:  Sue Hendra

Bernard the Robot loses his bottom when he decides to go for a swing ride, gets off the swing and guess what?  He loses his bum.  He finally discovers his loss and goes on quite an adventure to find it once again.  He gets very close to capturing it a few times,  but it disappears from his grasp. He enlists the help of his animal friends to help him hunt it down.   A cute little bird is using it as his nest but ooohhhh, it is too heavy.  A bear tries to use it as part of his drumming kit but oooohhhhh, it is too tinny sounding.  The squirrels build sandcastles with it and now it seems they are planning to sail away in it.   Oh my, it seems hopeless.  Whatever will Bernard do?  Will he ever get his butt back to where it belongs?  The end of the story is brilliant and I won't spoil it here for you but it will leave you smiling.

The illustrations are colourful, full of expression and just the cover of the book will draw you in.  This little cheeky (or should I say cheekless)  robot, with a coy-smile, holding his bottom( or where his bottom should be) is sure to have your child giggling even before you open the book and start reading.  The illustrations really compliment the story.  Bernard is portrayed as an endearing young robot with big eyes and a friendly demeanor.  All his animal friends are sweetly drawn too.  This is a fun story to share with a toddler or those slightly older and it will be asked to be read repeatedly I am sure.

About the author:

Sue Hendra graduated from the University of Brighton in 1994 and has been an illustrator of children's books since then. She has worked on over 70 titles, including the fabulously funny Barry the Fish with Fingers. Sue lives in Brighton with her partner and their young daughter. 

                                                   Book Review Rating:     8   (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!   Have a great day and read to your kids today.  

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