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Splat the Cat - book review for you

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Title:  Splat the Cat
Author:  Rob Scotton
Illustrator:  Rob Scotton  (impressive)
Ages:  3-8

Remember your first day of school?  Remember how scared and anxious you were the night before just anticipating that dreaded event?  Your mind whirled all night with questions like:  "What will my teacher be like? ", "Will the kids at school like me?",  "Will I oversleep and not get up on time?" and on and on and on.   Well our little character, Splat the Cat felt all those emotions too before going off to his Cat School.  The book says, "his tail wiggled widely with worry." (alliteration at its finest).  The morning of the big event he procrastinates like crazy. "I don't have any clean socks, Mom," "You don't wear socks," she replies.  He hangs onto gates and lamp posts, clings to his mom ... so desperate is he to make this day go away so he can return and go back home.  He is so worried and upset that he decides to pack his pet mouse Seymour in his lunch bag to take with him to school.  At least then he will be assured of a friend by his side.

He is met by his rather rotund teacher, Mrs. Wimpydimple who wastes no time delving into her cat curriculum.  She teaches self-esteem and how wonderful the feline creature is.  She points out the natural behaviour of the feline they are able to climb trees, drink warm milk and chase mice.  When lunchtime finally arrives and Splat opens up his lunch bag,  oops ... out pops Seymour who immediately tears off across the floor.  The cats in the lunchroom do what cats do naturally...they chase after the poor guy.  Mrs. Wimpydimple jumps into action and saves the day (and Seymour's hide).

The second morning of school Splat has had a complete change of heart.  School is not all that bad he thinks and his "tail wiggles wildly...with excitement."

The illustrations are quirky and colourful.  The expressions portrayed are amazing and make you laugh out loud.  As you read through the book be sure to tune into the fine detail embedded in the pictures.  You can discover Splat's mouse slippers beside his bed,  his fine fishbone wallpaper on his walls, and in the store windows witty signs advertising delicacies that would tickle the pallet of any cat.  This is a perfect read-aloud for story time, bedtime, or anytime.  You will love this book and luckily there are many others available starring the loveable little cat called Splat.

Just a quick note to my French readership:   Some of these books are translated into French so be sure to check that out for your reading pleasure.

About the author:

Rob Scotton


Bestselling author and artist Rob Scotton is the creator of both Russell the Sheep and Splat the Cat. The inspiration for Splat came from the big black cat that lived next door. Rob lives in Rutland, England, with his wife, Liz, who is also an artist.

    Get more info on Rob at:  www., and YouTube.

                                                  Book review rating:     8  (Fantastic!)

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