Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hey look at me.....look what I can do

Quote of the Day: " I would rather be poor in a cottage full of books than a king without the desire to read."
                                        ~ Thomas B. Macaulay

Title:  The Things I Can Do
Author/ Illustrator:  Jeff Mack
Ages:  4-7

Just picking up this book, flipping through the pages and ogling the illustrations will encourage you to get a copy and share it with your kids.  The pictures are so much fun, so packed full of action and expression that it is amazing.  This little guy is overjoyed to show his independence so he crafts  his very own book to document his monumental feats and proudly displays it so all the world can see.      He is able to make his own lunch, get his own drink of milk (although there are milk spills down the page), bath himself (albeit in the kitchen sink with the faucet spray) and mend his toys with copious gobs and blobs of glue.  He is the man!!!! Mr. Self- reliant! Mr. Cellophane, Masking and Duct Tape Warrior!   Fantastic, humorous self-portraits with a huge round head, sticky-out ears and a smile a mile wide shows his bliss as he continues on his journey of .... look what I can do.  He uses everyday "stuff" around the house to create his incredible, tactile collages and photos are embedded here and there to make things very interesting indeed.

My favourite?  "I can brush my teeth, /I can pick out my clothes. // This sweater was perfect!! // For wiping my nose."  A huge big splotch of snot is highlighted which will make your kids giggle and laugh.....and the underwear guy pictured above will have them laughing right out loud.  This spirited little man will win your heart and have you cheering him on as he discovers .... yes I can!!! I am a big boy now!!!!

About the author:

Born in Syracuse, New York, Jeff Mack has written and illustrated a long list of picture books, chapter books, and early readers, including Clueless McGee, Good News Bad News, Frog and Fly, the Hippo and Rabbit series, and Hush Little Polar Bear.

He has also illustrated many books for other authors, including James Howe'sBunnicula and Friends series and Eve Bunting's Hurry! Hurry!, one of School Library Journal’s Best Books of 2007.

At home in Easthampton, Massachusetts, he continues to write, illustrate, and visit schools and libraries to talk about his work. Visit him at

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