Thursday, November 28, 2013

There once was a girl with a tiny little curl.....

Quote of the day:  
"The paperback is very interesting but I find it will never replace the hardcover book - it makes a very poor doorstop."
                                            ~Alfred Hitchcock

Title:  Clara's Crazy Curls
Author/Illustrator:  Helen Poole
Ages: 4-8

I loved this book, especially the illustrations!  They are vibrant, they are cartoonish and they have incredible expression.  You just fall in love with Clara May from the very first time you lay eyes on  her.  And what's up with that hair?  Clara has BIG hair, tall hair and she just loves it.  Why she can stash her school supplies, her lunch and even nest some tweeters in that bundle.  She loves it so much that her dream is to have the tallest hair in all the world!  She spots a jar of "Big Beautiful Hair, that  belongs to her mom by the way, in the bathroom and does not hesitate to seize the jar and then seize the opportunity to plaster it on ( much more than recommended I might add) and head off to bed to await the results. A giant surprise waits for her after she wakes up.

In the morning she is stunned to find herself at the bottom of the stairs, pushed out of her bed and her bedroom because of an avalanche of her newly overgrown hair.  She cannot be more excited or delighted.  Her mom....not so much. She deceives her mom as to why her hair expanded overnight, holds her head high (which isn't easy now that her hair is like Eiffel Tower high) and steps out into her world to see how it reacts to her new locks and look.  The consequences are not quite what Clara has imagined.  Her harebrain (really hairbrain) scheme does not deliver the results that Clara had been hoping for.  Can her humungous curly coiffure be reversed or is she doomed to be Curlylocks Magna forever?  Will she fess up to mom and tell her the truth so she can get help and get out of this hairy, tangled, web of hair of that she has woven?

Written in rhyme the book will have you smiling as you share Clara's crazy curl adventure and I know you will want to come back and read it again and again.  This hair-raising story is wonderful and I highly recommend it.  It is a winner for sure.

About the author/illustrator:

Hello! I'm a professional Children's Illustrator who illustrates children's books, greeting cards, puzzles, murals and anything else that may need an artistic touch! My work has been sold to many major high st retailers and publishers both in the UK and Worldwide. 

                                                      Book Rating Review:  8 (Fantastic!)

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