Saturday, February 15, 2014

Adult read this Saturday morn....

Fun winter poem for kids:

Jack Frost
by Helen Bayley Davis
Someone painted pictures on my
Windowpane last night –
Willow trees with trailing boughs
And flowers, frosty white,
And lovely crystal butterflies;
But when the morning sun
Touched them with its golden beams,
They vanished one by one.

Adult read for your Saturday morning....

Title: An Unspoken Compromise
Author:  Rizi Xavier Timane, PhD, ASW

This book was written out of a lot of pain and suffering from the author.  I personally had so many emotions running through me as I read about his plight...about who he originally was....where he lived...who he wanted to be....and the trials and obstacles he had to deal with and overcome to be his true, authentic self.

Rizi Xaviers Timane's life story was filled full of questions, seeking to find out his true identity and above all asking God what His plan was for his life.  By transitioning from a girl, then to a lesbian and finally to a male he finally found contentment, peace and his true calling in life.  His life journey was not an easy one and he was subjected to mocking, bullying, rejection and exorcisms along the way by his friends and family and church.  Living in Nigeria, Africa he was judged very harshly for his decision to become a transgender.

We have come along way in regards to the LGBT community but there is a lot more to be done to show our love and acceptance to them. This book needs to be available to anyone who finds themselves in Rizi's situation or knows someone who is.  I personally learned a lot from the book and came away with much more understanding and compassion towards the LGBT community.  Love should be unconditional and support for each other mandatory.  I know you will be glad you read this book.

About the author:

Rizi is an Nigerian-born transgender minister and a certified grief recovery specialist living in California.  He grew up in an extremely religious Christian home and was subjected to mental abuse and ostracized  by both his family and church.  He came out as a trans boy at eight years of age,  then identified himself as a lesbian in homophobic Africa, and finally transitioned all the while facing societal, family and church rejection.

His message to the LGBTs is two fold:

*Be your own authentic self because that is the only way to have inner peace and happiness

*If you are in search of a relationship with God, a spiritual path to unconditional love and acceptance does exist for you free from condemnation and negative judgement from those around you.

Book review rating:  8  (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!   Have a wonderful, safe weekend everyone!  See you back here on Monday.

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