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Sassafrass Jones and the Search For A Forever Home

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           Title: Sassafrass Jones and the Search for a Forever Home
       Author:  Cathleen Smith Bresiani with Richard Eldredge

This classy book was fortunate enough to be created by a team of extremely talented people who have a passion for animals with disabilities and finding homes and love for all types who need a "forever home."  The majority of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Humane Society of New York, The Canine Companions for Independence, and other like charities.

First off let me tell you that I was smitten with Sassafrass Jones from the very first time that I saw her.  Her sensitive eye malady made her even more endearing to me and those chartreuse cat glasses she wore made her unique and stand out from the rest of the mundane animals around her.   It saddened me greatly that she had to spend two long years in the "Last Chance Adoption Centre," not getting picked for a "forever home." This adorable, abandoned, little Pekingese thought she was ugly, a throw-away, and that no one could possibly want her or love her.  My heart ached when the other animals around her called her rude names and belittled her constantly.

Mr. Spotswood, the adoption centre director, assured his favourite little dog that she was not different  from the others but truly special. My heart leapt for joy when a tiny milliner mouse, named Madeline, and her mother hurried into the shelter on Adoption Palooza Day at the last moment and guess who Madeline fell madly in love with?  She had come to adopt a kitty but was so enamoured by Sassafrass Jones that she made up her mind right then and there that this precious dog was going to be hers forever.

Sassafrass's life was about to change drastically.  Once in her new home she became the the perfect model for the beautiful hats that Madeline created and all the forest creatures clamoured to be just as fashionable. She was very loved and adored by Madeline and they did everything together and became inseparable.

 A surprising opportunity arose that could be the answer for corrective surgery for Sassafrass's eye problems.  With the help of her best friend Madeline, Madeline's mom (who was a baker extraordinaire and ran her own pie shop)  and many loyal friend, Sassafrass learned not only the meaning of having "a forever home" but having "forever people" around her who were willing to commit themselves to give her the best quality of life ever because they genuinely loved her!

This book is inspiring and a delight to read. Visually it is stunning. The magical, whimsical illustrations feature more than 50 full-colour pages of beautifully detailed photos of vintage Steiff animals and miniatures by photographer Tomas Espinoza, and sets (yes actual sets, like on a stage) created by Christopher J. McClellan.  It also comes with a high-quality CD narrated by Fred Schneider (B-52's front man who also is an animal activist) that will have your child mesmerized and coming back again and again to listen to the positive message of the importance of having a "forever home" and  "forever people" and every day being grateful for these wonderful gifts.

The Team:

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About the Author:

Cathleen Smith Bresiani, who lives in Atlanta in a home she refers to lovingly as "Animal Eclectic" with her husband and four rescued dogs, explains that this book is an homage to her 35-year collection and love of vintage collectible Steiff toys.

Book Review Rating:  8 (Fantastic!)

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