Thursday, March 6, 2014

Make your child into a lover of books

Some kids just hate to pick up a good book and read.  That is such a sad thing.  Reading is a gift.  Reading can be exciting and fun, not to mention educational.  My mission at Storywraps is not only to introduce your child to good children's literature but to develop him into a successful, lifelong reader.  When your child can read, a whole new world opens up to him.  Here is an article that I will re-post to give you some insight as to why some kids find reading very difficult and refuse to open up a book.  If your child belongs to that group then by your love, patience and support he can be transformed into one that will catch the "reading bug" and be the one initiating the next library book to borrow or the next trip to the local book shop to buy his favourite genre of book.

                            Author of post is Melissa Taylor from website:

Does your child hate to read?
And do you feel pressure from the world to force him to like to read? 
I've been there, too. Both as a teacher and as a parent.
My approach isn't the usual drown-her-with-worksheets, -repeated readings, and -phonics drills method. 
No, I believe you can embed the essential reading skills once you've made reading fun.
Not only that, you must first understand why your child hates reading. It's kind of like figuring out why he has a stomach ache -- you can't treat it effectively without knowing the specific cause. Treating anxiety versus constipation, well, those have two totally different solutions.
Same with reading. You must find out why your child hates to read.
Is it . . . 
too boring - no reading issues per say, just doesn't like it (yet)?
too tricky - the brain's functions of learning to read aren't quite working smoothly?
too blurry - a vision issue is affecting reading?
too “sitty” - hates to sit still and focus?

In my new book, Book Love: Help Your Child Grow from Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader, I elaborate on how to assess which reason(s) fits for your child. But it's something very important you can start to consider. Maybe you already know. 
When you know why your child hates to read, you can actually do something specifically for that reason. Lots of somethings in fact.
And, here's the good news, you can make learning to read fun. No joke. Here are a few examples.
5 Activities to Make Reading Fun
Scavenger Hunts
Go on letter, word, or sound scavenger hunts. Before you do, make the cards for your child to find and hide them around the house.
good for: too sitty, too boring, too tricky
Sight Word Hangman
Use sight words in a family hangman game.
good for: too tricky
Write Your Own Book
Make a sight word book or a short story book. Reading your their writing is very motivating for children.
good for: too boring, too blurry
Recorded Readings
Record yourself and your child reading in regular or silly voices. (Think robot, alien, fancy, loud talker.)
good for: too boring, too sitty
Max Out Your Library Card
We love to do this one. And I don't mind paying the fines, either. It's all for a good cause. Max out your library card and see how many of those books you can read. Picture books and non-fiction work best for this activity.
good for: too sitty, too boring, too tricky
See what I mean? The goal is to learn to read. How you do that can develop a love of reading, or not.
I say go with Book Love!
Melissa Taylor is a freelance writer, an award-winning educational blogger at ImaginationSoup, an award-winning teacher with a M.A. in Education, and a mom of two children, ages 6 and 9. Follow Taylor on Twitter or find her on Facebook.

     Read on and read always!  Have a super day everyone!
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