Friday, April 4, 2014

Haiku- Bless you

Are you having fun trying to guess the name of the book and who wrote it this week on Storywraps?

Here is today's first line:

"If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you will be better off reading some other book."
The answer to yesterdays first-liner is:  Charlotte's Web by E. B. White

Title:  If It Rains Pancakes
           Haiku and Lantern Poems
Author:  Brian P. Cleary
Illustrator: Andy Rowland
Ages:  6-10

This book tells you all about the ancient poetry forms of Haiku and the lesser known Lantern form of poetry.  These short poems are deliberate, non-rhyming and pack a punch.  The precise syllables that each line requires to fit the format of these poems will make you think, ponder and finally succeed in writing your own versions if you so desire.  I love the fact that the author uses humour and sometimes touching scenarios of different kids in their daily life just doing what kids do best....being kids. Your child can definitely relate to what the book-kids are up to.  These settings make this form of poetry not only enjoyable to read but encourages the reader to find a subject he enjoys and then create a haiku or lantern poem to write too.

Rowland's kid-friendly illustrations with their bright colours, expressive emotions and entertaining action just draw kids into the poetry.   The author adds websites to visit and a book list that gives a more in-depth experience regarding this form of poetry at the end of the book.

I loved the book. It was fun and quirky and made me laugh.  I had no idea about the Japanese lantern form of poetry and now I do.  You are never too old to learn something new.  Thank you Brain P. Cleary for enlightening me.  I am off now to create a Lantern poem because I have been inspired, and I know I too can write one if I put my mind to it.

About the author:

  • Brian P. Cleary, is an American humorist, poet, and author. He is best known for his books that explore grammar in humorous ways written for grade-school children. Wikipedia

    BornOctober 1, 1959 (age 54), Lakewood, Ohio, United States EducationJohn Carroll University

    You have to visit his website at:  http://  It truly is one of the best sites I have visited in a long, long time.

  • About the illustrator:

      Born in Oldham Hospital 1962 on a rainy Sunday. With no trams running Andy Rowland was carried home mile after mile along cobbled streets, past dark, satanic mills wrapped in his father's flat cap.
    Back at home his parents couldn't afford to evict the lodger so I he slept in the coal shed with the whippet...and my sister...and my other sister.
    To make the rainy days pass Andy would draw matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs on the walls with a piece of coal. Thus began his interest in art.
    Years later whilst working in the factory my talents were noticed by the top-hatted mill owner who offered to send him away to art school and not foreclose on his parents house in return for %33 of any future earnings.
    It was whilst studying for a degree in Manchester, that he was called away to an even bigger, dryer city...London, to accept first prize in the MacMillan Childrens Book Prize, where against all odds he had beaten other illustrators from all over the country.
    Years later Andy has over twenty published books under his belt as well as loads of greetings cards, murals, portraits, community arts, photography, pottery and voluntary work.
    He still lives in the north and his dad still hasn't been evicted... yet!
    Andy also wishes to say “my favourite wine is red, my favourite cheese is blue and some or all of the above may or may not be true. Boom Boom!”

                                      Book review rating:  9 (Close to perfection!)

    Here is my lantern poem.... wait for it....

    Reviews Books
    Gives parental tips

    Look I did it!!! Yea me!!

    Read on and read always!  Enjoy your Friday everyone.

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