Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Can Big and Small co-exist happily and be friends?

Hi everyone.  So glad you stopped by to pay me a visit today.  You are so welcome here on my blog.  First order of the day....tell you the answer to yesterday's book quote.  The title of the book and the author is:

                                              "Little Women by Louisa May Alcott"

Today's quote for you to ponder is:

              "Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmond, and Lucy."

Today's featured book is:

Title:  Pig and Small
Author and Illustrator:  Alex Latimer

Take a peek inside:  

My take:

A tiny, microscopic bug lands on Pig's snout and he can't figure out for the life of him what that  squeaky sound is or where it is coming from.  He finally discovers the source...a small bug who wants to be BBF's.  Pig has his doubts about the relationship but decides to give it a whirl despite their differences in size.  He dives head first into planning activities that both he and Bug may enjoy.  He pulls out his tandem bike but realizes he is doing most of the pedalling.  He decides that chess is the game to play, but bug is so small he cannot manipulate the chess pieces for his move, and Pig falls asleep waiting for his turn.  Not to be spurned from this budding friendship, Bug takes a turn at being activity manager.  He bakes Pig a cake and decorates it lovingly.  To Bug's dismay Pig opens his mouth wide and downs the cake in one gulp not even looking at the fine design and decorations.  Bug then knits his new friend a sweater, exactly like his, but when he offers it up to Pig he realizes it is way, way to small for his friend.  

Finally they mutually agree that perhaps this friendship was not meant to be and go their separate ways.  As Pig is deparating, a very strange thing happens...a newspaper hits him right in the face. You know the old song, "The answer my friend is blowing in the wind...." well that is exactly what happened.  Pig gets inspired from that paper and is more than willing to make a change and make this friendship work.  By being creative and sensitive to the size and needs of each other, both Pig and Bug find a way to hang out, enjoy each other's company and share their interests despite their obvious differences.  Just as all their problems are solved and things are going well,  in walks Elephant and wants to be their friend too.  Sizing up the situation before them, both Pig and Bug agree size doesn't matte ....r so hello Elephant .... come aboard, there's always room for one more.   

The illustrations are comical and witty.  The word bubbles give the text more spice and humour. No matter what your size this is a one size fits all book that will be enjoyed again and again.   It is a wonderful read for individuals or for a small group situation.   I highly recommend this book.  

About the author/illustrator:

South Africa



About this author

Alex Latimer lives near the border of a national park so when not writing or drawing, he spends his free time shooing baboons out of his lounge. The Boy Who Cried Ninja is his first book for children. He lives in South Africa.

Book Review Rating:  8 (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always.  Have an amazing day everyone!

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