Friday, October 31, 2014

My Monster Mama Loves Me So - a book review

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Today's featured book:

Title:   My Monster Mama Loves Me So

Author:  Laura Leuck
Illustrator:  Mark Buehner
Ages:  4-7

Short peek inside today:

About the book:

"My monster mama loves me so!
Let me tell you how I know;
When I wake up, she tweaks my nose,
tickles all my pointy toes,
combs the cobwebs from my bangs,
and make sure that I brush my fangs...

This adorable rhyming book is the perfect nighttime read.  Mama Monster dotes on her little one and pours her love out on her. 

 "She gives me great big hairy hugs,/bakes me cookies filled with bugs,.../she sings a monster lullaby/of things that shriek and moan and creep...soothing things to help me sleep." 

She tenderly tucks her little Monster in bed asking her if she has fed her pet spider then fondly hangs her favourite bat overhead to lull her little one to sleep.  Sweet, tender and loving, this book will become a bedtime favourite for both child and mama alike.  

The illustrator paints in colourful acrylic-and-oil paints and creates scenarios of happy times in swampy dips, Little League ball games and depicts the little Monster's biggest fears in human form.  The story is sure to melt your heart and cause you to appreciate the true heart of a mother's love towards her precious child.

About the author:

Laura Leuck is the author of these other books for children: Goodnight, Baby Monster; My Monster Mama Loves Me So; Sun is Falling, Night is Calling; My Baby Brother Has Ten Tiny Toes; and Teeny, Tiny Mouse. Ms. Leuck lives in Princeton, New Jersey, with her husband, Art, and their two sons, Matthew and Shane.

About the illustrator:

Mark Buehner has six little pilgrims of his own in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he lives with his wife, Caralyn, and their children: Heidi, Grant, Sarah, Samuel, Laura, and Jake. Mark has illustrated many wonderful children's books, including I Am the Cat by Alice Schertle and Harvy Potter's Balloon Farm by Jerdine Nolen.

Book Review Rating:  8 ( fantastic!)

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