Saturday, November 22, 2014

Give the gift that keeps on giving......

Give a book gift......

For the next three Saturdays I am going to feature creative ways to give a book gift....just in time for Christmas gift giving.  Books are affordable, portable and provide hours of surprise, escape and discovery... and guess what?  They are very easy to wrap.  There is a book for every special person in your life - adventure, romance, mystery, and comedy just to name a few.  Please share the love of books this Christmas....and another awesome thing?  No power batteries are required but good old fashioned brain-power will do the trick just fine.

Here are some fun ideas to choose from:

1. Give an "experience" like a trip to a zoo, aquarium, museum, aviary, arena, or city.  Put the passes, tickets, or homemade gift certificate with a relevant book to make it feel more tangible.

2. Take a road trip to a national park with "Could You? Would You?" or "Ask Me" so you can use the driving time to ask each other the interesting questions from the book.

3. Give a book with a movie theatre gift card to see the upcoming film.

4. Give "One Hen - How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference," with a loan to Kiva or a donation to World Vision, Compassion or Heifer International to buy necessities for the underprivileged.  Check around and see what other charities may need your help. It is better to give than to receive.

5. Pair any book with another book from the bargain section, maybe something silly or crafty or gimmicky.

6. Pair a detective book with a magnifying glass.

7. Match poetry books with poetry beads or magnetic poetry.

8. Pair a picture book with a related stuffed animal.

9. Give an interesting, insightful book with a restaurant gift card and a date to discuss the book together over a meal.

10. Honour the book enthusiast with the book plus a beautiful sterling silver one sided open text book necklace from which is on sale half price now.  It is both a treasure, and a badge of honour to be wearing that book around your neck signally to everyone how much you love books and reading.

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Read on and read always!  Start gathering book gifts today. :)

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