Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy book giving this year

Visual quotes for your day:

Here are more creative ways to give a book to a pre-school child this Christmas:

1. Give Jeremy Draws a Monster with a pack of fat crayons and a stack of copy paper from an office supply store.

2. Pair Curious Garden with gardening tools and seeds.

3. Pair Princess Hyacinth (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated)  with a kite.

4. Give Mighty Casey with a bat and ball.  Perhaps you can throw in a coupon book for practice lessons.

5. Pair Bubble Trouble with touchable bubbles.

6. Pair Monsters on Machines or Building with Dad with toy construction vehicles.

7. Pair picture book stunner How I Learned Geography with an inflatable globe.

8. Nature lovers will enjoy Birdsongs along with a guidebook like Backyard Birds with binoculars.

9. Give your rough little boy Pirates Don't Change Diapers along with some pirate gear.

10.  Take sweet picture book Lissy's Friends and pair it with an origami kit.

11. Taking a Bath with the Dog and Other Things That Make Me Happy is a book that deserves its own bathrobe and bubble bath.

12. Give picture book The Moon with a flashlight and a promise for a nighttime walk or two.

13. Give the wonderful book The Day the Babies Crawled Away with a baby doll.

14. Every one needs the book Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, and maybe add a toy bus or a cargo truck.

15. Pair classic A Bargain for Francis with a tea set.

I hope this list inspired you and you will enjoy both reading the books and watching your child incorporate the bonus gifts.  Let your imagination run wild as you pick out some fabulous books for gift giving, and please do give books this holiday season.  

After all the hype of Christmas is over, all the unwrapped presents played out, all the batteries dead as a doornail, then open up the gift  book, knowing in your heart a cuddle will ensue, and both you and your child can share together happily, the one true gift that gives on giving.
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Read on and read always!  Have a perfect day everyone.

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