Friday, November 21, 2014

Jasper and the Magpie - a book review

Quote of the day:

"But you know me. I'm an information magpie, always interested in shiny bits of intel.  I've never gotten in trouble because of knowing too much."  - Tim Pratt

Featured book today:

Author:  Dan Mayfield
Illustrator:  Alex Merry
Age:  6+

Ta Da - here's what's inside!

About the book:

This special book helps family and friends get a deeper insight into the uniqueness of those on the spectrum.  It is a story of accepting and embracing the unconventional interests of others and giving them your blessings.  

Jasper is a little boy who likes to collect shiny things.  He seems obsessed with it from his mom and dad's perspective. Luckily both his grandmas support him wholeheartedly and when his birthday arrives his parents have a change of mind.  They decide instead of worrying about Jasper's idiosyncrasies, that perhaps Jasper may be odd or weird, they accept his love of shiny things and package up the perfect birthday gift to give to him ... guaranteed to put a huge smile on his face.  Jasper not only is the recipient of an amazing material gift from his family but an even greater gift ... a gift from their heart.  They bestow unconditional love to their special little boy by working with his "shiny" interests thus enriching the whole family and bringing them closer together. 

The illustrations and the story are both delightful and the message very important.  Both parents and children will love to share this book together.  

About the author:

Dan Mayfield is a writer and musician who has worked with people of all ages on the autism spectrum for over 12 years. His work continues to influence his ideas around what we as a society deem to be 'normal', and he has written this book to explore the importance of accepting other people's differences. Dan lives in London, UK.

Book Review Rating:  8 (Fantastic!)

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