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A Bloom of Friendship - a book review

Poking a little fun at the country I love!

These are a few of our favourite things.......

Today's featured book:

Author:  Anne Renaud
Ages: 9-12

About the book:

If you love history then you will love this book.  If you live in Canada you will love it even more.  This is a true story of a real-life princess who was birthed during the Second World War and because of the horrific state of her country her family was invited to reside in Canada until the war was over.  

Dutch Crown Princess Juliana and her family were forced to flee their homeland, and Ottawa reached out a hand of friendship to provide for them a safe sanctuary while Canadian troops played a key role in liberating the Netherlands from Nazi occupation.  

After her safe return home, Juliana, who had given birth to her daughter Margriet (named so appropriately after a daisy flower that was identified by her grandmother as a symbol of hope for the Dutch people and of Dutch Resistance to the Nazis), presented Canada with 100,000 tulip bulbs to thank them for their love and hospitality.

However, one problem did arise around the birth of her daughter.  Since the new prince or princess could one day become the monarch of the Netherlands, many considered it necessary that the baby be Dutch-born.  But clearly Princess Juliana could not travel back to her war-torn country to give birth.  Fortunately, a solution was found.  Before the baby was born, the Canadian government prepared a document declaring the place of birth as "extraterritorial" (outside of Canadian territory), which meant that the baby would be a Dutch citizen, although born in a foreign country."  Oh Canada ... we are so smart.

Each year in May, Canada's capital city blooms with thousands of brilliant coloured tulips and people from all around the world come to join in the celebration. This 18-day festival features over 300,000 tulips with an astonishing 60 varieties. It is a visual bond between the two countries of their shared history that comes alive  each spring, each time that Ottawa blooms.

The book is full of interesting historical facts, poignant stories of individual experiences, and 90 archival photographs.  The author has included a Timeline, Glossary and Bibliography for more in-depth knowledge surrounding this bittersweet event in history. Being a Canadian myself, I found the book educational, informative, easy to read and to understand.  It would be a perfect addition to a classroom or school library or the little history professor you may be raising right in your very own home.  

About the author:

My readers often ask me why I write books. I tell them it is because I like to do creative things and I find writing to be a very creative exercise. It’s also because I can’t dance well and I can’t sing well, so I try my best at writing well. I hope my books educate, entertain and inspire children. 
My non-fiction books are about Canadian history. They are real-life stories that really happened. My fiction books are stories I make up with my imagination. 
You may have also read articles, poems or craft projects I have written for children’s magazines, such as Highlights, Faces, Cricket, YESMag and KNOW. 

Book Review Rating:  9 (Close to perfection!)

Read on and read always!  It's good for you eh? :)

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