Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monster Mayhem - a bookwrap

Welcome to Storywraps today.  I feel like I am living in an ice cube these days it is so frigid outside. At least today the sun is shining bright which brightens up my mood and gives me hope that Spring is on its way.  Winter can certainly bring on cabin fever and a longing to bust free and head for a warmer climate. For those visitors who are fortunate enough to live in that warm climate please be very grateful for that warmth.  Hopefully the book I review for you will bring you a few smiles and put some "happy" in your heart.  Unwrapping...

Authored and illustrated by Melinda Kinsman.  Ages - 3-7

Unwrapping even further...

The Top of the Wardrobe Gang are cuddly little toys that live on the top of Billy's wardrobe in his room.  The narrator of this splendid book is Odd Sock and P.D. Monkey has added a fun feature for you to check out.  On each page he has drawn (and hidden) a nibbled cookie for you to find.  These lovable monsters live under Billy's small bed and love to eat anything and everything.  They stuff themselves with chocolate, cupcakes, crisps and even healthy apple snacks.  They are unable to speak but can communicate by writing.  (unfortunately with black permanent marker!) Oh my!  They come and they go so it's impossible to take a head count and know exactly how many are inhabiting that small space.  They happily take naps in the daytime because at night they need their energy to cause havoc and mayhem leaving messes and litter all over the house.  They unashamedly raid the refrigerator and even go outside to bounce on the big trampoline bringing mud and dirt back in.  Unfortunately they are invisible to the adults in the house so can you guess who gets the blame for their nighttime shenanigans?  Oh my!  

This delightful book is written in rhyme.  It will appeal to the "kid" inside of everyone.  It  is a perfect bedtime story picture book or for a beginner reader.  The illustrations are loveable, colourful, expressive and kid-friendly. The author has cleverly added activities at the end of book for all to enjoy. Free activity packs are available to go along with the Monster Mayhem story and can be downloaded from their website:


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Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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