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Children's Safety Books - (2) bookwraps


Book # 1

Bobby and Mandee's

Too Safe For Strangers
By Deputy Sheriff Robert Kahn

This book has foiled twenty-two stranger abductions to date.

This important book stars a big brother, Bobby, and his little sister Mandy. They explain through their own eyes all about strangers.

"Who is a stranger, you ask?  A stranger is anyone that you do not know."

They further go on to explain that a stranger can be anyone you don't know regardless of age or gender.  Just because you are brought up by a loving family and taught to respect and be kind to everyone you must only be around people you and your parents know very well.  You will meet many strangers throughout your life and most are good people but you always have to be aware and alert to those who are bad.  Tips are given about how a stranger may trick and apprehend you such as asking to help find their dog that is lost, offer you candy or free kittens, or lure you into their car.  If any of those things occur and you are ever grabbed...

"SCREAM! If they still have you after you scream, then KICK, BITE, and FIGHT with ALL YOUR MIGHT. YOU MUST GET AWAY! Then you must run and tell a trusted adult.

The book included a list of grown-ups, both men and women, who will help you if there is an emergency, plus tips for parents and a safety test to make sure you understand the exact responses you are to make.  

Book #2

Too Smart For Bullies is authored by Deputy Sheriff Robert Kahn and Sharon Chandler

With so much bullying going on both in reality and virtually this is a book that kids need to know about, have a discussion about, and internalize.  Brother and sister, Bobby and Mandee, explain to kids all about bullies and being bullied.

"What is a bully? A bully is someone who is mean or hurts other people."

Mandee when returning from swimming at the public pool is accosted by a bigger boy who demands she turn over all her money then threatens her by telling her...

"Next time, you better have more money for me.  Remember also, you better not tell anyone about this or I'm really going to hurt you."

Poor Mandee with tears running down her face, scared out of her mind, embarrassed and humiliated runs for home.  She confides in her big brother Bobby who takes Mandee to their parents to tell them what happened.  

"THIS IS NOT A SECRET TO BE KEPT."  You need to talk to someone because this is a big problem that you cannot solve by yourself. With the help of an adult, there are solutions to his problem."

There is a list of adults suggested that can be approached to confide in if parents do not give the help you are seeking.  There are tips on keeping yourself safe, like going places with friends and not alone, avoiding places where the bully hangs out, and if the bully ever confronts you again you are not to say anything rude or get angry but walk or run away from him or her.   The biggest take-home is be sure to tell an adult because ...

This book includes a list of grown-ups, both men and women, who will help out in an emergency and a Safety Test to make sure how bullying works and what you can do about it to keep yourself safe.

I highly recommend these books for both home and school use.  Being aware of dangers that surround you and knowing how to respond can and does save precious lives.

Unwrapping the author:

Robert Kahn has a Master's Degree in Education. It was during Kahn's tenure as a sixth grade teacher that he became concerned about the safety issues that involve children and decided to become a Deputy Sheriff to help educate and protect our youth from harm. He started a Stranger Danger program in local schools and community service organizations. Local law enforcement credits this program in foiling over 40 attempted abductions by strangers. To-date, Robert has given over 20,000 presentations covering 15 different topics on children's safety issues.

Kahn's mission is to keep all kids safe, but he can't be everywhere at the same time. So, with the insight and knowledge gained from his experiences, Kahn began to write a series of children's safety books. His first book, Bobby and Mandee's Too Safe for Strangers, is based on his program. His other safety books help children learn how to deal with today's problems. 

All of his books are told in the voice of his own children, Bobby and Mandee! Kahn's daughter Mandee is the main character although Bobby plays a very important role in the books. As a high-functioning autistic, "If he can understand the books, anybody can!" Kahn stresses the books simplicity so that anyone can benefit from them. Using simple language, the books introduce the concepts and then provide tips on how to deal with them.

The main age when something happens to a child is second grade through young adult. As kids start doing more things alone, it is imperative that they know how to help themselves to stay safe. The goal of the Bobby and Mandee Safety Series is to provide parents, educators and other trusted adults with essential information to share with our precious children to keep them safe in today's world. 

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