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How Do You Do Music Series - a bookwrap

Quotes about music:

"Where words leave off, music begins."  - Heinrich Heine

"Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't."  - Johnny Depp

"Music is the universal language of mankind."  - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow"

"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono

Unwrapping the first two books in, "How Do You Do Music Series."

Unwrapping Book # 1 - "A Song for the Birds"

This charming book is a delightful way to introduce reading music to young children.  Sisters Leah Wells and Naomi Rosenblatt team up to write, illustrate  and publish unique music story books for early readers.  The books are designed to introduce pre-schoolers and beginning readers to music through stories and pictures.  In "A Song for the Birds," notes on the treble clef bring individual birds who sing their own notes (C for canary, D for duck etc.), and then under the direction of the Birdwatcher, the whimsical little flock compose a melody, using all their notes together to make a song.  The illustrations orchestrate the power and magic of music for the reader to behold.

Unwrapping Book # 2:  "The Rainbow Remembers the Music"

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

Guess what?  "You can actually see songs from the birds on the rainbow," Grandpa tells his grandchildren, Doug and Daisy.  The rain has finally stopped and they don their rain gear to go out fishing together.  The sun peeks through creating a beautiful rainbow whose appearance prompts Grandpa to impart the information that you can actually see the bird songs on the rainbow.  How ever could that be?  And why asks Doug?  Grandpa explains now they all can sing the melody together as the rainbow is a gift from the birds, and they tell what notes to sing.  

But what happens when the rainbow disappears?  How do you keep that beautiful music?  The kids do indeed find an ingenious way to keep the music alive and they share it with all young music lovers everywhere.  

This fun, inspirational and educational book acquaints the readers with elements of music.  A wonderful addition includes 22 pages of enlarged staff paper to use.  What a brilliant idea!  This book has been nominated for a 2015 Family Choice Award and rightly so. These great books provide an engaging tool for parents, caregivers, and teachers to connect music, words, and pictures for their beginning and pre-readers - and are believed to be the first to include musical notation as elements of the story.  Future titles are scheduled to be released every 2-4 months and will focus on a variety of musical concepts, including kinds of notes, key signatures, accidentals and scale building.  

Unwrapping the bio of the two talented sisters...

They live in New York City.  Leah Wells, plays stringed instruments - the guitar, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle - and teaches music.  She is developing the "How Do You Do Music" series to help children read and enjoy music.  Her first book,"Games that Sing,"  was published in 2011 by Heritage Music Press.  Leah is married with two sons.

Naomi Rosenblatt, is a painter, illustrator, designer, and the founder of Heliotrope Books.  Together with her sister she is starting the HelioTot imprint for children.  

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