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Wednesday - a bookwrap


Author and illustrator:  Anne Bertier
Ages:  3-5

"Every Wednesday Little Round and Big Square get together to play.  They both are different but imaginative and playful, and ultimately generous-all of which they are perfect complements of the best of friends. The book is sparkling with liveliness and heart.  Wednesday provides a sweet and beautiful vision of what can happen when two friends get together to invent and create."
                                                - source- Anne Bertier

Unwrapping the illustrations...


Little Round and
Big Blue Square,
Meet up Wednesdays
Fun they share!

Their favourite game
Is say a word
Transform themselves...
Why it's not unheard

To change into a butterfly,
A flower, mushroom, 
Kite, oh my...
Big Square starts to break away
Starts showing off
Go its own way.
Little circle's not impressed,
It can't join in,
Becomes distressed.

A time out's needed
Each shape agrees
Then Little Round
Shouts out with glee....

We can make and play
Lots of things
Let's start today!"

The real good friends
With co-operation
Work in tandem
Showing admiration.

Each separate part
Can make a whole,
Just having fun
Is now their goal!

Anne Bertier has been writing and illustrating children’s books since 1995. She studied literature while attending mime courses at the Sylvia Monfort School. Her particular interests in creating art are composition and balance.

Awards and Reviews

"In the tradition of Leo Lionni’s Little Blue and Little Yellow (1959), this French import uses geometric shapes, color and size to explore compatibility and conflict . . . Emotionally, the ups and downs of a day with a friend will ring true for young children. Bertier presents a marvelous springboard for using formal elements to create individual or collaborative narratives." -- STARRED REVIEW, Kirkus Reviews
“Thanks to splendiferously discerning indie publisher Enchanted Lion Books (whose inspiring founder Claudia Z. Bedrick is also an accomplished translator), this is something completely original … so much so that maybe I can be allowed at least a single O-M-G.” -- Book Dragon
“Children will immediately relate to both the square and the circle. They may not have faces, but they convey emotions clearly on the page from anger to exuberance to friendship. Strong and vibrant, this picture book translated from the French, is a great pick for units on friendship or shapes. Appropriate for ages 3-5.” -- Waking Brain Cells
“Cheery, upbeat writing and pared-down subject matter make it a fine choice for a younger audience, who will enjoy picking out the forms in each spread—and then, perhaps, experimenting on their own with paper and scissors.” -- Publishers Weekly
“The story is at once simple in its playfulness and a beautiful allegory for the combinatorial nature of creativity and thought itself, for the way we transform the building blocks we assemble by way of being alive and awake to the world — impressions, experiences, memories, influences — into new combinations that we call our own ideas.” -- Brain Pickings

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