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Stay! - a bookwrap

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Unwrapping some "doggie humour " before we dive in...

Unwrapping today's book...


Authored and illustrated by Alex Latimer

Having a puppy is a big responsibility and Ben's dog Buster, who is messy, often naughty, and thoroughly exhausting keeps the whole family on their toes tending to him.  Ben adores his pup and they are inseparable.  Mom and Dad decide they all need a well deserved vacation and guess who is not invited?  Yep, poor Buster. He must stay with Grandpa as the family departs to have a break from their busy life.  

But how will Grandpa ever manage taking care of Buster appropriately while they are away? Ben is very concerned that he won't know what to do. What can Ben do to help Grandpa out because his parents make it perfectly clear that Buster will not be going along with them?   

His parents come up with a brilliant suggestion that Ben should write notes to Grandpa, explaining exactly how to care for his beloved dog. These suggestions work both for Ben (separation anxiety therapy) and for Grandpa (how can I train this puppy to behave and have some manners)?

As Ben keeps adding more and more tips, the notes keep piling on up. Luckily both he and Grandpa survive the separation ordeal and the reunion between dog and owner is very sweet indeed.  

You will smile as you see the anxiety in Ben that is portrayed in his never-ending pile of notes to his Grandpa.  The illustrations are detailed, busy and full of expression and life.  If you are a dog owner now, or ever were, you will know exactly the feelings depicted by both the author and illustrator in Ben, as he leaves his  best friend Buster behind, and then joyously returns to claim him once again as his very own.  I love the story, being surrounded by four dogs myself, and could totally relate to all the characters involved.  I highly recommend this book.

Alex Latimer is a South African illustrator. His first children’s book was published by Random House in the UK and Peachtree Publishers in the USA. Alex is also part of the team responsible for the cartoon The Western Nostril. He lives in Cape Town. 

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