Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Open Mic Wednesday - The Magic Fish

Today my good friend Maria Psanis is my guest blogger.  Welcome to Storywraps Maria and the mic is all yours...

I remember sitting in bed surrounded  by many books and my niece and nephew waiting for me to read to them THE MAGIC FISH that we had just received from Scholastic. 
Since I grew up with a mom who loved to tell stories especially at bed time, I had learned from her the importance of feeding the young minds with creativity and magic. 
One of my favorite books the I kept reading to the four young children in my family was THE MAGIC FISH. The Magic Fish is a Russian folk tale with the title The Golden Fish retold by Freya Littledale. The story is about a fisherman catching a golden fish and he ends up throwing it back into the sea because he was told by the speaking fish that he was a prince under an evil spell. The kind fisherman was married to a very greedy wife who forced him to go back to the sea and ask the fish to grand him a wish. The she wanted a better cottage. Her wish was granted! No longer living in a filthy hut the couple were happy but after a couple of weeks the wife wanted a large stone castle to live in and forced her husband to go back and ask the Magic Fish to give them a castle. The kind fisherman was happy and content and didn't like the idea of going back to ask for more.  He didn't wanted to anger the generous fish yet with a heavy heart  after his wife's nagging, him goes back to the sea calling out to the fish. The fish grants them the stone castle , they had servants, the rooms were rich  richly furnished with golden chairs and tables. Behind the castle was a garden and many different animals. His wife, Dame Ilsabil wasn't satisfied and wanted more; to be the King of all the land. The fisherman didn't wanted to be the King but his wife did and forced him once again to go back to the sea. He once again called out to the fish and his new wish was granted. She became the King with a troop of soldiers, six fair maidens, a throne of gold and diamonds and a crown upon her head. The exhausted fisherman wanted no more wishes! But his wife got tired fast of  being the King and wanted more. She treated her husband as her slave! She wanted to be an emperor. Even the fish was getting tired of her wishes yet he granted her wish and she became an emperor. But she wanted more! She wanted to be the pope and she got her wish again. Nothing was good enough for her! She wanted to be the lord of the sun and the moon. The fisherman crept towards the sea and called out to the fish. Upon hearing what Dame Ilsabil wanted, he told the fisherman to go back to his hut or pigsty home. Everything that was given to them was taken away!!! The moral of the story is don't be greedy because you could end up with nothing! 

I (Marilyn) found some images from a similar book that would be fun to take a look at...

About my friend Maria...

I'm a clinical psychotherapist in private practice, a poet, a writer, a children's story teller, a photographer, a caregiver, a dreamer, and a healer. 
I love God, people; old and young, photography, the ocean, the theater, great books, jazz music, and all living things.
I have an open heart and mind. You can read more about me by visiting my website:

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